Let’s Talk About FORTNITE

By Joseph Kim

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Market Value

From what I’ve seen, there are clear reasons why Fortnite has gotten more mainstream coverage than PUBG. While both games run on the Unreal Engine, Fortnite runs more smoothly than PUBG, critics pointing out numerous glitches and technical issues over the course of its history. Fortnite’s colorful aesthetic is far more marketable to a wider audience than PUBG’s realistic depiction. But most importantly, Fortnite is free.


Unlike other shooter games out there, Fortnite has an ongoing narrative. Every couple of months, Fortnite will introduce a new update to the game’s system, that introduces new gameplay and redesigns the map. These updates are treated like seasons on a television show, with each season focusing on a new theme. Unlike a TV anthology series or other video games, these changes aren’t solely aesthetic or bonus content. The changes have actual consequences for the remainder of the narrative.

The Elephant in the Room

To be blunt, besides differing aesthetics and modes, Fortnite: Battle Royale and PUBG are essentially the same game, They are so similar in fact, that Bluehole, the company behind PUBG, sued Epic Games for copyright infringement, since Fortnite was developed using the same interface as PUBG.

The Real World

What’s impressive about Fortnite’s growth is its real-world impact. The game has jumpstarted careers in the gaming industry. Ninja, a prominent professional gamer, is a Twitch streamer, who live-broadcasts his gameplay on the platform to over eleven million followers and an average of over 43,000 viewers per stream. Fortnite isn’t the first game to demonstrate the surging popularity and reputation of E-Sports, but it is a poignant point in its development.

So, with all this in mind, is Fortnite worth the hype?

Well, yes and no.

All of Fortnite’s features, from its understandable rules and controls, to its story and lack of a price, raise the game’s accessibility to millions of people everyday. I’ve even played it myself, and it’s addicting to say the least. The desire and potential to be the last man standing, to get that “Victory Royale”, is enticing.



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